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"A place where I can let my thoughts dance real thuggish to the soundtrack of my emotions"


Mike Brown’s Vigil in Ferguson, MO.

We marched with Mike’s mother to the site of her son’s murder. When we stopped to pray, I looked down and noticed that there was still blood lining the street. That’s when it felt real for me. I saw my own brother’s blood splattered across the pavement…murdered in broad daylight… brains spilling out. I saw my own mother shaking as she prayed over his distant body from behind the caution tape. I saw myself before the world… trying to explain why he deserved to live. 

Jordan Shanks 

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Girl fun.
Music: Kitty Cash- why’d you read my diary
Sept 2014



The sweetest thing

LOL I imagine Jay-Z probably tells the funniest dad jokes.

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has a way of telling me “here this is for you”

nothing inspires me more than a song that matches the way I feel or helps me to feel a certain way. Like if I have no way of expressing myself I always have hat one song to help you understand how i feel. 

It works like this. 

Shaquana how are you feeling today?

listen to SBTRKT- Higher.

I want to create something that’s delicate and complex. I need you to tilt your head to the side and understand it but still have no idea wtf is going on.

what is your real life truth…

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Being 25 means…

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