The most beautiful thing about my transition is that I’m learning. I’m learning how to prioritize what’s important. What’s not. Im on this journey of finding self. I’m in this phase where I’m really becoming in touch with being a woman. It’s one thing to have boobs, tits, mad ass(😬), and a golden vagina from the gods (😋I’m being dramatic or nah?) But it’s another thing to carry yourself as a queen. People feel that energy and literally respect ur steps. I see so many pretty girls that are just that. Pretty. Girls who have no idea how much power they have literally flowing through the tips of those fingers that they pay so much to keep manicured.
It’s just a boost of confidence to know your worth. I just feel sexy. I feel like I intimidate the weak. I’m feeling how I want to feel. Doing whatever the fuck I want. I’m unbothered by the thoughts of society and these artificial perceptions of how a woman is suppose to be. Bitch I’m me. It’s my cup. I feel free.